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I’m Lv Jiong , Chinese teacher, have been working in preschool for a decade. During the teaching process, I have always looked at the students with appreciation and treated them with tolerance. I believe every child is an angel, every kid is a genius, and every child can succeed.






I’m Yu Jianjuan, graduating from normal school. Caring and responsible, I have been working at Eton House for seven and a half years and have earned parents’ trust and school’s recognition. I love my job, and I will continuously study and work hard, so I can bring more joy and knowledge to every child.





I’m Zhu Lili. I was the Chinese teacher/ headteacher in the first bilingual class in Eton House, Yiwu in 2009, having been working here for 6 years. B·A·Cyxomjnhcknn, a famous educator,once said, ‘the secret of educational skills lies in how to care for the students.’ Love is education, and love is the key to open the door of students’ minds, and love is the premise and foundation of education. Eton House’s educational philosophy activates my mind, and free the children, which achieves the effect with only half the effort.






I’m Zhu Xiaozhen, having been working in preschool for over a decade, and majoring in preschool education. Love, smile, true heart, and be friends with children forever, these words have inspired me greatly in my career. I hope I can accompany them in their most innocent and most beautiful childhood, and I can be their friend forever instead of a teacher.





Our Teacher are willing to work creatively to understand the true meaning of education, I hope our children learn to enjoy the autonomy of a happy childhood. –Amy





I'm Jane. I come from Eton House YiWu. The children have their own thoughts and language in the Eton House. I hope I can into their souls, to the child's perspective to look at all of the children. With appreciation and amazing praise to capture the children creativity. Dear children, we grew up together.





I’m Gao Huisu, Give children a piece of paper, that is to give them space of imagination. Give children a pen, that is to give them an opportunity of creation. Let’s work together, understand children with true hearts, and fill passion in their crystal hearts. Let them have more experience, more aspirations. Try our best to pursue the highest level of preschool education—understanding and caring.





I am Jose Alves ,I have been in the education field, in different capacities for over twenty-five years.  Prior to becoming certified in the areas of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language, I received my Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management.

In 2007, I opted to leave the education system in the United States and become an international educator, teaching in Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico, before moving to China in 2012 and beginning my career with Hailiang Foreign Language School,

A self published author, I have written various educational guides focusing on teaching all content areas using the newspaper as a teaching resource.  These materials were made available to schools throughout the states of New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.  I addition to writing such materials, I was a teach
er trainer on the subject area.

I have Been volunteered throughout My life specifically in the areas of adult literacy and child advocacy via the Division of Social Services as a foster parent.


I am Alan Ayopuph. I am a EAL teacher of Eton House. A well-rounded educator. I have had the opportunity to teach at different kind of levels enhancing my teaching techniques and instructional methods. As result I have developed phenomenal communication between me and the students . I love kids. Being with them and helping them to make progress in oral English is the most enjoyable part of my life!







I am Nadiia Poklad and I'm working as a music teacher in the Eton House International School . My professional higher music education experience allows me to be responsible for the musical, cultural and ethical education here in Eton House School.
My goals and objectives: To introduce children to the inexhaustible, multicolored and wonderful world of music.
I'm giving the children a basic knowledge of music theory and history and developing individual musical abilities. The most important thing  I am teaching the children is to understand and respect the music and learning to love music.

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